Solar LED Street Lights

A Solar LED Street Light is a renewable energy system which lights our cities and roads using the power of the sun. This means that the electricity costs and the CO2 emissions, due to public lighting, will be reduced to zero.


The system is very simple and basically consists of two phases:

  1. During the day hours, the solar panel placed on the top of the lamp, turns the sun's energy into electricity, which charges the battery. (Green line in the drawing).
  2. During the night hours, the battery provides energy to power the LED lamp and illuminate our streets and public places. (Red line in the drawing).




- No energy costs:

Because it is a renewable energy system, it is not necessary to pay an electricity tariff.

- No civil work required:

This is an off grid system so there is no necessity on initial investment in trenching and wiring to the network.

- Easy installation:

The installation is as simple as fixing the streetlight pole to the ground. Also, because it is a system that works with 12V/24V, the wire connections between components is very safe.

- Environmentally friendly:

Solar energy is clean and renewable.

- No CO2 emissions

This system works with the sun power, avoiding the CO2 emissions.