Outdoor Lighting

GET is your partner in the development and realisation of custom-made LED light solutions for outdoor replacement.


Public Lighting

Public lighting costs in cities and villages make up an important percentage of the total yearly budget. GET wants to bring a new way to illuminate public places to create corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Save energy, saving money

Introducing LED technology into our lifes we will get the same luminosity by using much less watts, wich mean that we will spend less money.


Green energy, Green technology

  • Belonging to the Solid State Technology. It does not contain gases.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Reduced by more than 50% of CO2  and SO2 emissions over traditional lighting systems.






Street Luminaries

High quality light: LED technology emits the light that best fits and recognizes the human eye.
Long life time: About 40,000 hours (12 years) compared to the 8,000 to 16,000 hours average life currently provided by traditional systems.

Adverse conditions: The penetration of light in the fog is much higher, making the vehicles more visible.

Outdoor Car Park

Optimization of illumination: Emits light at an angle not exceeding 120 º, so no need reflectors and does not exceed the horizontal.
Security tool: The use of LED technology enhances the quality of the images captured by security cameras.



Monuments & Square Illumination

The problem of existing monument and/or square illumination is the level of light pollution.

LED technology will reduce pollution because a light cluster is more focussed. In addition, using our LED solutions you will be able to save money at the same time as keeping your city attractive also during the night.