Indoor Lighting

GET LED lighting is also your partner in replacing your indoor illumination. Warehouses, offices and factories are places with an enormous savings potential on illumination costs because the lights are on most of the time during the night. Replacing old light installations will create financial advantage, but even more unexpectedly, valuable, non-cost related advantages.


The current yellow light used at this moment, does not correspond to the optimal peak sensitivity of human eye.
Colors are not reproduced faithfully, and that is why the amount of light needed to ensure an accurate, is much higher because it represents a spectrum centered on the red band, which is distant from the band's perception of our eyes .

However, the light emitted by the LED's, is a white light that works in the spectrum that best covers the human eye.

This white light, which can only emit the LED technology:

  • Can achieve an optimal illumination.
  • With lower power consumption.
  • And it provides a light perfectly suited to our vision.

The figure shows the big potential of LED light resources. LED technology is still not a mature technology, so expected returns and availability of different powers (higher Lumen factors) will probably increase. Cool-white LED will pass existing light solutions, because of a better ratio between Lumen/Watt. Also warm-white LED illuminations show higher efficiencies, compared to existing light techniques.





- Decreasing energy costs.

- Lower maintenance costs.

- Higher labour performance/ productivity.

- Less mistakes and accidents, so higher safety level.

- Less tired eyes, because LED technology is not flickering.