LED Technology

''A light-emiting diode(LED)

is a semiconductor device that emits monochromatic

light when electrically biased in the forward direction.''



The mission of GET is to be a total LED lighting supplier, and key company in developing custom made LED lighting solutions. To attain this goal, GET has created partnerships with different companies. Together with these partners, GET would like to achieve a ‘green' environment.
An increased level of publicity about minimizing energy costs by introducing new light resources has resulted in the fast development of LED during recent years.
That is why GET believes LED will be the light resource of the future. GET lighting stated that it is not the question as to ‘when' to implement LED lights, but where and how.



Advantages LED

  • Reduced energy consumption. CO2 emissions reductions of up to 70% could be realized.
  • Longer expected lifetime, around 50.000 hours.
  • Increased efficiency in the diffusion of light.
  • By introducing LED lights, light could be focussed more accurately. This will result in a reduction of diffused light.
  • Very good adjustability in case of turning on and off, but also dimming of the light. This will contribute to energy savings.
  • LED solutions are robust, resisting mechanical vibrations.
  • LED lights will reduce maintenance costs. These costs, combined with lower energy costs, have an important role in reducing payback time.
  • Better visibility, so better perception.
  • Because of energy reductions, LED technology is able to be combined with other clean energy solutions.


"GET stated that it is not the question as to 'when' to implement LED lights, but 'where' and 'how.' "