Outdoor Lighting

Around every big city there are large industrial estates which consume electricity as if they were small towns, consisting of streets that have to be illuminated every night in order to keep the activity of the factories during the night.


That is why the fact of integrate LED technology would be an important energy and economic save at the end of the year for companies responsible for managing these areas.


Changing traditional lighting systems by LED technology, your business will save up to 70% in the electricity consumption.






Business area & Car parks

- Improve the safety and surveyability of your private business area or car parks with LED lighting technology.

- Extra money could be invested in expanding your illumination area because LED lighting will reduce electricity costs.

- Depending on the location of your company building, solar LED street lights could be installed to increase your 'green' looking.




Petrol Stations & 24 Hours Services

- At these applications illumination plays an important role because these places are lighten 24 hours a day. Therefore, most conventional light bulbs should be replaced annually.

- Implementation of LED lights will reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

- The initial costs of LED are higher than traditional illumination, but the payback time is shorter.