Working Method

GET's goal is to achieve a climate neutral world by developing and installing renewable energy solutions, either to reduce energy costs by a substantial percentage or reduce the costs almost to zero. GET will realize their vision by:


Innovation & Product development

GET wants to keep continuously in touch with innovative renewable energy solutions. GET would like to combine different existing sustainable solutions, with the intention to achieve incremental innovative solutions. Collaborative sustainable networks would be the most significant source of these sustainable innovations or product improvements.


Custom-made solutions

The core business consists of the development of custom-made natural and renewable energy source solutions. GET take responsibility for project management depending on the characteristics of the project. An example of an intermediate sustainable solution is a LED light source, and a complete solution is a solar street light.



GET forms partnerships with customers, installation companies or suppliers to work jointly on an innovation project or product development process. GET focuses on customer intimacy: to become accepted as regular partner of our customers. GET will focus on improving supply chain partners. Our mutual success should form the basis of long term relationships and partnerships.



Customers need to remember GET, but how will an individual, business or government get GET in their heads? GET will develop advertising products which consist of renewable energy solutions. It will result in a win-win situation: making advertising poles more sustainable as a marketing tool, and yielding audience attention to the sustainable solutions of GET.