Target Groups

GET analyzes your personal situation to give you a customised solution. They also provide you all the support needed during the application for grants. The customer requirements will result in a detailed quotation, which may include all documents and related drawings or other tasks.

GET collaborates with various installation companies to fulfill the project management phase, depending on the project characteristics.

GET considers the long term relationship, including the corresponding after-sales support.


The three main target groups of GET are:


Governments & Public Institutions

Nowadays, the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases is an obligation for (local) governments. GET seeks to put all its skill at the disposal of public institutions to achieve this goal which will give the possibility of a better future for our children.



The search for the reduction of energy dependence on your business, not only will help to curb climate change, but also it will provides considerable cost savings at the end of the year. GET will develop a complete analysis of your situation and it will advise you on how to become an ECO Business.



GET wants to help you to turn your house into the home of the future by taking advantage of the benefits that nature puts at our disposal and trying to optimize the power consumption of your home.